Data Function Implementer

The most powerful and trustworthy data function implementer available for ISDB-T transmission systems.

In addition to eliminating additional hardware, the IFN100 function implementer guarantees the implementation of the functions: Electronic Programming Guide (EPG), Rating, Accessibility (Closed Caption, AudioDescription and Brazilian Sign Language), Interactivity (Ginga) and Emergency Alert (EWBS), among other items.

This equipment incorporates state of the art technology, being developed in order to fill in the market gaps operability, reliability, ease of maintenance and compliance of signaling data in ISDB-T Digital TV environments of high performance and mission critical.

IFN100 performs the Service Signaling (SI) adhering to the ABNT NBR 15603 standard, with edition and generation of the following tables and their respective mandatory and optional descriptors: PAT, PMT, NIT, among others. Also NBR 15606-1 and ARIB STD-B24 standars.

For almost don’t use moving parts to wear out, the equipment has a mean time between failures (MTBF) very high, greatly reducing the need for maintenance. In case of power failure there is no risk of damage to the recorded data. The return of the output signal occurs automatically in a few seconds after the restart.

As an additional feature, the IFN100 also includes a unidirectional encoded audio channel for coordinating external teams, which is extremely useful for any broadcaster.

SHOWCASE’s care for the user experience stands out in its simplified configuration, made from an HTML5 interface via the web. The operation requires only basic knowledge to take advantage of all the solution’s features.



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